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Goodbye China!

I am at the airport in Korea and can actually access my blog, so I thought I’d do the honor of posting the last blog I wrote while in China.  I am about 45 minutes away from boarding a 14 hour flight to Atlanta.  Then to customs and back to Lexington at 11:08.

Here is that last blog along with some pictures:

I am sitting here at the internet in my village for the last time writing my last blog from China.  It seems so unreal that I am actually going back home.  It’s sad in a lot of ways because this really has become my home over the last 5 weeks.  I am incredibly happy to be going home and can’t wait for all the flights to be over, but it feels really strange leaving.


Yesterday we went to the Beijing Zoo which was actually really fun.  I think the last time I was at a zoo was over four years ago and before that maybe 10 years.  I’m usually not much of a zoo person but it was a lot of fun.  The group that went was a good group which always makes the day better.  We got to see all the usual suspects you find at zoos: lions, monkeys, tigers, birds, bears, zebras, wolves, and giraffes, but one of the coolest was to see the pandas.  I don’t know how many zoos have pandas back home but I feel like it’s not very many.  My favorites, of course, were the elephants and penguins.  I absolutely love those animals for no explainable reason.


After the zoo we headed to the market for the last time.  I know I’ve said it a lot but it’s the only place that I enjoy shopping, I seriously wished I would have spent more time there.  I picked up my suit, which absolutely fits like a glove.  I have never had pants that fit as well as these ones do, I just have to make sure I don’t gain any weight.  The best part about the suit is that the tailor keeps all my measurements and will make more suits for me as long as I e-mail him with what I want.  It’s hard to get a tailor made suit for what I paid, and I paid cheap.


After shopping we went to a restaurant that I have wanted to go to since I first heard about it.  Rumor around town is that it has the best pizza in all of Beijing.  Now, I don’t know if that’s true but I can say that it is absolutely delicious.  It’s this little hidden place called The Tree, and I would have never been able to find it except that some of the guys I was with had been there before.  I am assuming it’s called The Tree because there is a big tree growing in the middle of the restaurant. 


The next thing to do was one of the least exciting portions of the trip, packing.  I don’t like to pack in any circumstance, let alone trying to fit all the stuff I was given and bought into the suitcase I brought and one I got at the market.  I have no idea if they are overweight and I’m really hoping that neither one of them is, but I will find out if both of them can hold up to the stress of all the stuff I crammed in there.  I also have a rolling backpack that was given to me by BOB and my laptop bag that will both be completely full as well. 


Today is going to be a really long day.  I am not looking forward to it except for the end when I’m finally back in my own bed.  I will post again back in the states and add some more pictures from the last few days and maybe even some ones from a lot earlier.


I am supposed to get back into Lexington at 11:08pm Wednesday, hopefully nothing in my flights change like the trip over and I’ll make it there on time.  Next time you’ll here from me I’ll be blogging from the comforts of my own room back in Wilmore, I can’t wait.





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