Thanks for stopping and reading my blog. I will be showing you what it’s like for a 22 year old to travel to China and the Olympics. I will chronicle my journey there and back. I won’t have any breaking news but I will give my take on the games and simply what it’s like to be there.

TJ Budd is a 2008 graduate from Asbury College where he studied Media Communications. His passion is sports and hopes to one day work as a play-by-play commentator. His favorite teams are the Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, and anything UK.


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  1. beth conklin

    hi TJ! sounds like a really great experience for you.The entries you have written are very interesting….sounds like a little bit of confusion, but something on thatr scale is going to be. take care and have fun…. we are going to san antonio this week.. Timmy is graduating from USAF bootcamp…..i don’t think he gets wings, but it sounds like a really nice ceremony they will be having. He did excell in running and gets an extra day offbase with us for that. will write again and we will try to look for you. love.tim&beth

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