Work Is Over

Yesterday was Closing Ceremonies and if you actually watched it, it obviously wasn’t as entertaining as Opening Ceremonies, but I don’t think much can compete with the first show.  I still thought that Closing was fun to watch live, the best part is that the intros of the countries and athletes took a total of 20 minutes instead of over 2 hours.  I sat in a different position from Opening and that made a huge difference.  Instead of being around turn 2, I was right in the middle of the front of the stadium.  That made the London performances so cool because they were right in front of me.

When the event was over we went straight to work on tearing out as much as we could from the stadium.  We took all the cameras off the field and most from the upper levels too.  We pulled cable from the tunnels that go underneath the field all the way around.  We finally left the stadium just after midnight and walked to the IBC for the BOB company party.  It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the IBC from the stadium; we were gone from the IBC around 12:45.  That was my first company party, and let’s just say that hopefully the ones in the future are a little better.

Today we went to work knowing that this was the last day, and we were excited.  We were not excited about the work that we knew we had to do.  Pulling cable, moving boxes, loading trucks, so basically all the fun was saved for us.  All of the cameramen, directors, and producers were gone.  The only people besides us were the production companies that were trying to get all of their equipment packed up.  Let’s just say that we started counting down the time before we showed up.

It seems so strange that everything is ending or has ended.  That feeling when things change is always a weird feeling that I don’t necessarily always like right away.  I met and worked with so many great people from all over the world, and the likelihood that I meet up with most of them is not very good.  The Chinese kids were so much to be around and we exchanged e-mails and some have facebook, and they all want to come to America so hopefully when they do they still remember me and we can meet up.

It is so nice to be done with work and I am excited about going back home, but I still have one more day here.  My plan is to go to the Summer Palace, I’ve heard it’s unbelievable.  I still need to pick up my suit and do a little more shopping at the markets.  I’ll try and post one more time from here before I leave, but if not then I’ll post from back in Wilmore.  My flight gets in Wednesday at 11:08 pm, I can’t wait.


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  1. Toni Shank

    TJ – have a safe journey back to the States – you had an incredible adventure you’ll remember all your life. . .looks like you lost a little weight while in China. God Speed, Aunt Toni

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