Lucky Number 10

Well I guess it’s true that sometimes hard work really does pay off.  As I write this there are only 10 hours until Track and Field events finally get under way.  I think I speak for all of the 300 BOB employees at the National Stadium when I say it’s about time.  Most of us have been here for close to 3 weeks, 22 days and counting for me, and we still haven’t seen any competitions.  A lot of my friends at other venues have been here for a week and have been watching competitions the entire time; they haven’t had the joy of pulling cable and setting up cameras and then re-setting them up for three weeks.

I will say that I am one of the 10 luckiest from Asbury because we are at the best venue, but it’s just a long time to work and not see any athletes or anything, besides Ceremonies.  We have been working about 9-10 hours a day and haven’t gotten to watch anything, just working.  Tomorrow the fun really starts because for us the games finally begin.  Our 10 hour days will go to about 18 in some cases.

I mentioned in my last post that we are all separated into the track, throws, horizontal jumps, vertical jumps, and integrated feeds.  That means that we all work different hours based on what is going on.  The 5 people working for track and integrated have to be there the entire time that anything is going on, that means morning and evening sessions.  Throws, horizontal jumps, and vertical jumps are basically only there when each field event is going on, so we all have lighter work schedules.

Tomorrow everyone except for horizontal jumps has to be there for the morning session.  That means catching the bus at 5:30 am, working all morning, probably hanging around for a 3-4 hour break, and working for another 4 hours until midnight.  I, on the other hand, get to enjoy sleeping in and lounging until about 3:30 then heading over for the evening.  There is only the qualification for the women’s triple jump tomorrow, and that’s only about 2 hours long.

There are good and bad aspects to being assigned to horizontal jumps believe it or not.  First I have horizontal jumps which will be cool, but it’s obviously less prestigious back in the States, and I have no clue who any American athletes are.  The only one I ever really knew was Carl Lewis, who knows he could still be competing.  The best part of the light work schedule, besides getting to sleep in some days, is that when I’m off I’m going to hang around the stadium and watch the events.  I haven’t figured out exactly what events I can watch, I know that the Men’s 100 have heats morning and evening tomorrow.  I’m hoping the finals are a time I’m off so I can go watch Tyson Gay win gold.  The horizontal jumps are on the backstretch so when I’m working I have to look across the entire field to see the finish line, I’m really hoping that I can watch some races, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

By the way, I’ll be wearing a blue bib number 104.  Like I said I’ll be on the backstretch for triple and long jump, including heptathlon and decathlon.  The best chance to see me is when they show the athletes walking back from the pit to their seat, but only when they show them and the crowd at the same time.  I hope that makes sense, but if not just look for me in my bib #104 on the backstretch close to the wall.  I don’t know if NBC will show a lot of triple jump tomorrow or not but whenever they happen to show it, look for me.


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