Preparing for the BIG DAY!

Sorry for not posting for a while but I’ve been working a lot and when I get home it is usually late and I either haven’t eaten or just want to go to bed.  Plus there hasn’t been a whole lot in the last couple days.

First an update from the past few days, then a look into my Thursday.

We’ve been continuing to set up for the Ceremonies and been doing the same thing for the past couple days, which isn’t a whole lot actually.  They have to do a lot of technical checks with the cameras, so a couple times everyday we take the cameras out to the field and wait.  It can become pretty boring just sitting and waiting and that’s the only thing for us to do until tomorrow.

Also, there are a lot more people here from Asbury which makes it that much more fun.  I think just about everyone is here now, but there might be a few more on their way.  Last night we went to Silk Street Market which is a lot better than Ya Show where I went a few days ago.  It seems to be easier to bargain with them, and I got a lot of better deals.  I really am not one to shop but it’s so hard to pass up some of the deals.  I’m going to go back and get a tailored suit, my friends paid about $120 for a cashmere one, and I’m hoping they give me that kind of deal.

On to today…I really think that today might have been the most annoying day of my life.  We are one day until Opening Ceremonies start and we still are having access issues.  We arrived at our venue around 11 am and almost immediately were told to get back a bus and go back home.  The president of our company had finally had enough of us not being allowed to do our job, and given the run-around with access to the stadium and field so he sent us home.  It’s not very often anyone in our company will hear of him giving orders to do something so this was a big deal.

When we got back we were told to check in at 2:00.  That gave me enough time to take a nap, but that also meant that we weren’t fed lunch so I didn’t eat.  We went to check in and they told us to wait and come back at 2:30.  We waited, came back and were told to come back at 4.  Then 5.  And then 6.  Finally to come back at 7.  Before 7 rolled around we found out that we were supposed to just come to work tomorrow, I’m guessing that things are worked out enough.

I forgot to mention that we had to walk to the other end of the village every time we had to check in.  That is what made it the most annoying.  Most people lived in the building that we had to walk to, but we had to keep going back and forth.  That means that we couldn’t go out and do anything because we had to keep checking in, so we were stuck.  Hopefully things run smoother tomorrow because it’s literally the biggest show in the world.  They are expecting 4 billion people to watch the Ceremonies and if things aren’t worked out to give us what we need then only those in the stadium will see it.

It truly is a different place over here.  I really don’t expect for there to be anything that will hinder us from actually doing our jobs, but I don’t expect things to be easy tomorrow either.  I’m sure there will still be some issues and we won’t get everything we need, but I’m sure the show will go on and everyone will see it.

Do not miss the show.  Record it if you have to because it really is going to be excellent.  I don’t know what NBC is doing for the show, how much they will show and when exactly they are showing it.  It starts at 8 pm local time here so that is 8 am back in Kentucky.  Find out what NBC is doing and then look on-line to see if anyone other broadcasters are putting the entire thing on-line.

Tomorrow is an exciting day, I just wish today could have been somewhat enjoyable too.


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